Complete Overview About Custom Product Packaging

A Handy Guide to Custom Product Packaging in the USA

Almost of all of the businessman and entrepreneur are well aware of the importance of custom product packaging in the USA. We were getting a lot of requests about publishing a complete guideline to personalized and custom product packaging in the USA. So, today we have to publish on this topic. I hope that this guide will be easy and useful for everyone. It means a person with no advanced knowledge can get benefits after reading this guide. So, let’s move towards our main topic.

There is no rocket science in the term that product packaging is required by every good. While some of the people still prefer to go with the blanked and stocked options that are easily available in the market. For example, stocked boxes are usually plain white in the color and are available in the standard sizes on some famous online stores like Amazon, etc. They are also available at the physical stores too. But, their use of your product packaging is destructive for your business. So, why it is so? We will cover that part later in this article. Here, our main focus will be on personalized and custom product packaging in the USA.

What is Custom Product Packaging?

Custom product packaging means that you are able to personalize your product packaging as per your own style and desire. Whether it’s in the term of box style or shape. It includes both of them. Another third important factor is the printing of your artwork on your packaging. It’s known as custom printed packaging that is highly recommended by us to use instead of using plain or white boxes.

Benefits of Using Personalized and Printed Product Packaging?

The most important and foremost benefit of using personalized product packaging is the factor of branding. It means when you print your artwork on the boxes with different lines and slogans of your company. It is not less than a branding technique that converts and attracts many more customers towards your product. By using a fixed color scheme, a customer can identify from far away that this product belongs to your firm. Moreover, there are some companies who have fixed some specific things. So, that the customer could identify their branding terminologies.

Some of the companies are printing their artworks on printable holographic films that are a new trend of 2021. Usually, golden and silver printable holographic sheets are pasted on the cardboard before printing, and after that offset printing process is performed on them. The final outcome of this is very attractive. In the next parts, we will discuss how to choose product packaging for your goods in detail.

How to Choose Custom Product Boxes for Your Business:

Product Sizing and Dimensions:

Having your product dimensions is a mandatory phase that you should know before starting anything. It means that you should know your exact product dimensions in length x with x depth. You can use any scale for its parameter like inches, cm, or mm. Most of the companies like to prefer using inches. After that, you should make your mind that whether you are looking for loose or snug-fitting for your packaging items. These factors should be kept in mind before shortlisting a custom packaging company for your products.

Finalization of the Right Stock:

Corrugated, Kraft, Rigid, and cardboard stocks are some common options available for your product packaging. Straight away, rigid is the choice of luxury products as they are highly expensive as compared to the other options. For the retail products, you can choose from between Kraft and Cardboard stock. While corrugated is a thicker stock that is mostly used for fragile products. It is also the topmost option for the products that are used for product shipping. I hope you have got a basic overview of general stocks that are available in the market for product packaging options.

Finalization of the Right Style:

When you select the option of customization then there are many options available in the market. For example, you can choose from straight tuck to sleeve styles as per your recommendations. Don’t forget to ask for the box style from our custom packaging company. Following we have listed most of the common styles that are used by people in the USA.

  • Straight Tuck End
  • Reverse Tuck End
  • Auto-Lock
  • Snap Lock
  • 2 Piece Box
  • 3 Piece Box
  • Foldable Rigid Boxes
  • Cigarette Styled Boxes


There are many more options than we will cover in the other separate articles too.

Finalization of Printing Technology:

Now that is an interesting part that really makes a difference. Printing of artwork on the boxes is something that can change the complete game for you. For that purpose, you have to select an option between offset and screen printing. Digital printing also a considerable option that can be opted for when your quantity is low. Most of the big packaging companies never ask you about the printing technology as they work on offset printing technology. I also love the offset printing technology when my quantities are above 100. Offset printing technologies are also considerable for huge quantities and their printing results are amazing. Also, in offset technology, you can use Pantone inks that are a basic requirement of large firms. Some more add-ons like Spot UV, Gold foil, Silver foil, etc. make them more attractive as compared to their counterparts. I think these are some basic terms that even a layman should know too. I will always recommend you to go with offset printing technology if you want to attract customers with eye-catchy artwork. Now let us move to the conclusion part. Final Conclusion:

In this thorough and handy guide, we have tried to cover everything about the custom product packaging that you should need to know before buying them. Also, I highly recommend you choose customized options instead of pre-made ones. Our world is moving fast towards the advancement of technology. Here, blank boxes cannot do enough for your business. So, just choose custom printed packaging instead of any other option. Along with the custom boxes people also require labels for their business. Labels are used on bottles and other similar products.