What is Screen Printing

What is Screen Printing & How does it Work?

In our previous post, we had a discussion about Digital Printing. It’s a magical thing. Why did I call it a magical thing? Well, I am right as it lets you print any design from simple to complex on your t-shirt within an hour. You must be thinking that we are doing miracles by print desired designs on t-shirts. But that’s not all the things we do. You must have felt in mind that they are already doing admirable work. What else they have for us? Do you know about screen printing? Yeah, we do that little thing too.
Let’s discuss screen printing to get a clear idea about it.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen Printing is a procedure for printing designs on a t-shirt. It is done by applying thick inks on the top of the t-shirt, not by soaking into the shirt. Another name of screen printing is Silk Screening. You can call it by either of the terms, but people prefer to say screen printing.

Most companies use screen printing methods to print designs on t-shirts, and it was the only effective procedure of creating custom t-shirts in bulk amounts. We offer digital printing as well as Screen printing. It’s because, in some circumstances, it’s beneficial to use Screen printing over Digital printing.

Screen Printing is considered better for graphics because of thicker inks and only one or two colors. The screen printing lets these colors pop out at you and looks very attractive to viewers as well. If you touch screen printed t-shirt, it gives a soft feeling and looks very attractive and remarkable. If you have time and have a few colors for your t-shirt design, we suggest you go for screen printing. It’s affordable for bulk amounts and looks terrific as well.

How Does It Work?

How Does Screen Printing Work

Now, you have got an idea of what screen printing is. Next, you must be thinking about how it works and how your graphics are printed on your t-shirts.
Let’s discuss this. We are sure that it’s not like Digital printing. Below are the steps of screen printing working:

  • Firstly, a thin mesh is stretched tightly over a screen.
  • Note: Originally, the screen was made from silk, but nowadays, the screen is made from polyester.
  • An inverted design is printed onto the screen, which is then placed against the t-shirt.
  • After correctly doing 1st two steps, we roll the ink over the screen area where the graphic is printed and permits the ink to cover the full design.
  • Once the ink is rolled on the shirt successfully, it is placed aside for drying.

Honestly speaking, screen printing is a complicated task. It’s because there are various inks, chemicals, and ways used for creating your shirts. The screen printing is time-taking, but it leaves you with thick, bold, and attractive designs.

No Seriously, How Does It Work?

We already told you that silk screening delivers you the best attractive t-shirt designs. You will get your shirt’s perfect look if a professional company like us does it. We are warning you before because we care for you. We don’t want you to waste your money and time.
Professional screen printing companies use their experience and the right combination of equipment to make the t-shirt perfect.

In the following discussion, we will give you an in-depth overview of how we do silk screening and make shirts look perfect. Are you feeling excited? If yes, then let’s dive into the world of designing and printing silk screening t-shirts.

The Screen

The Screen for Screen Printing

As you are very excited, let’s start with the method of how your shirts will look. In your thoughts, imaginatively image the screen on a screen door of a house. We also use the same but with extraordinary quality. It’s a screen that has a lot of small holes in it. The screen is protected in a wooden frame and take it to start preparing design. We then cover the screen with a layer of emulsion that stops the ink from coming inside the screen. The final result gives a two-tone color, i.e., green and yellow (it’s the color of the screen). The screen colors don’t take part in the printing process, and they don’t affect your shirt design either.

Some of the processes are done behind to make the printing ready. If we conclude, the overall procedure for screen printing is really long than Digital printing. It’s because everything is done manually, i.e., by hand.

The Color for Screen Printing

The Color

This is the time where experience matters the most. We use custom colors and start mixing them to get the exact colors that you have specified. Inks of various qualities are available in the market, but we use the best inks so that the designs stay on shirts long-lasting. Our inks are thick enough to make your design look realistic and impressive. That’s all about the coloring process. We follow the color-mixing techniques carefully and get the desired color in a few minutes. Colors play an essential role in giving your shirt a refined look.

The Press

As the name suggests, the press is the way of ironing the shirt, but that’s not like a traditional way of ironing. Consider a 12-armed metal beast from your imaginative thinking. There is a various metal part, and it spins over. A wooden silkscreen is placed on each arm, which was designed for your shirts.

The Press fro screen printing Now, it’s time to stretch the t-shirt over a device named ironing board. We lined up everything by using a laser, so the shirts’ design doesn’t dislocate and remain in the same position. The screen is then placed on the top of the t-shirt. We pour the colors on top of the shirt and then move the ink from one end of the screen to the silkscreen’s other end. It is done with the help of a rubber squeegee. The design starts to appear over the shirt once the ink is moved over the screen.

The number of times silk screenings is done depends upon the colors you have ordered. We sometimes do silk screening two or more times using different colors each time. Also, a different 12-armed metal beast is used every time. Well, learning about it is fun. But you don’t need to worry about the procedure a lot, as well we will be designing the exact t-shirt designs for you at affordable rates.

The Dry

All the necessary working has been done, and now it’s time to dry your shirts in a dryer. We set a suitable temperature for drying shirts, so shirts dry in one go, and the colors don’t get mixed or bleed. After drying, we make a last inspection to ensure that the shirt design looks the same as you ordered.

The Final Product

The Final Product for Screen Printing Unlike Digital printing, screen printing is wholly done manually. This kind of printing is like a great artwork that uses only 1 or 2 colors at most. If you run your hand over the shirt, you can easily guess that the design has been printed using silk screening. It shows a raised design. It’s because the ink is placed on top of the shirt.

As everything is done manually, we take ten business days to create and deliver your order. We have the goal of delivering the best designs in the market, and we are doing it for many years. Try us once, and we won’t disappoint you.

Get Your Silkscreened T-shirts Ordered Today! We recommend screen printing over digital printing for the following things:

  • Company Logos
  • T-shirts with Text
  • Team Names

Screen printing works great for light and dark shade t-shirts. Digital printing is not suitable for dark shirts, but screen printing has an edge in this regard. It stands out if the right colors are used for mixing and printing. So what are you waiting for? Get your t-shirt screen printed. We can also help you in designing the t-shirt design as well. If you have any queries, ask us before placing an order. We will satisfy you.